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Customer Reviews

  • Nasir is a very approachable and professional contact who has helped significantly with my expedition logistics. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

    Mark Beaumont, Athlete & Adventurer / Broadcaster / Corporate Advisor, Ambassador & Speaker / University of Dundee Rector
  • I have experienced Explore Karakuram as a client in the Hushe Valley and elsewhere, and I have worked with owner Nasir Hussain and his family as a friend on a number of projects in Pakistan for over 10 years. Nasir and and the Karakuram team are wonderful and trustworthy people and friends of the climbing, adventure and tourism communities. This is a difficult time for tourism-related businesses in Pakistan and for the Pakistani men and women who depend on tourism for their livelihoods. If you are an adventure-seeking soul considering a trip to Pakistan, contact Nasir Hussain and Explore Karakuram, you will not be disappointed!

    Steve Cash 1st degree connection1st Partner / Founder at Talus Group LLC Talus Group LLC University of Oregon
  • I am the only person at least on the comments book to have made two trips with Explore Karakuram in less than one year. Needless to say how much I appreciate the professionalism, friendship and hospitality when showing us wonderful region

    Valerie Therod
  • I visited northern Pakistan in May – June 2016. Nasir is a kind and attentive person with a good sense of humour, who understands what tourists need, with the right amount of attention to everyone’s enjoyment. He knows the area well (we cycled Gilgit to Pasu and Shimshal). Nasir has a great knowledge of the history, culture and geography of his country, which is stunningly beautiful. He is patient and happy to answer even the most basic questions and explains things well. As he studies and lived in London for a while so understands cultural differences and is sensitive to this. I also had the pleasure of meeting Nasir’s wife and children, who are wonderful! Nasir is a good man and I would recommend his company if you are visiting Pakistan.

    Richard Matheson Leeds, UK
  • When in new and remote places of the world nothing can benefit the traveller more than the help of good local travel agents; ones that are reliable and trustworthy, experienced and friendly, and, importantly, respected by the people, low and high, with which they have to deal day-to-day. On a recent journey to Pakistan it was my very good fortune to have the services of the guides and drivers of locally based Explore Karakuram, and in particular the founder Nasir Hussain. When travel difficulties occur, as they always do, with breakdowns and cancellations, a high quality guide can stop a problem becoming a disaster. I can recommend them too highly for anyone visiting Pakistan, whether for interesting culture and history or for some of the very best high mountain scenery in the world, to trek or just to view. And that leaves out some very exciting road journeys! It is then that the calmness and excellence of the EKK drivers really makes the difference. Thank you and well done Nasir and team, and with best wishes to EKK for the future, until perhaps we meet again, Inshallah.

    Tim Austin, UK
  • I recently returned from a trip which Nasir Hussain organized and was extremely pleased with his arrangements and his efforts on our behalf. I recommend him very highly. We were a group of three older women who were not all in the kind of shape necessary for glacier walk but I can tell that Nazir was at his best when he spoke of the mountains. My trip was primarily by van and we did very little hiking, choosing to focus on cultural sites and explorations.  I know that Nazir’s company Explore Karakuram has arranged a number of trekking expeditions to K-2, base camp and remote parts of Hindukush, Karakuram and Himalaya’s. It is worth mentioning that when one of our party became ill in Golmut, Nazir did not hesitate to drive us back to the nearest reliable medical facility in Gilgit, a jouney of several hours.  When we arrived, it was clear that he was extremely well connected there also.  My friend received good advice and medication and promptly recovered. My group traversed the Karakuram Highway into China and continued to the end of the Silk Road in Xian.  I can honestly say that none of the guides (or drivers) in China provided the same quality of service as we enjoyed from Explore Karakuram. I hope that these thoughts have been helpful. We had a truly marvelous and memorable time in Pakistan and I can only envy all the exciting experiences which await you there. Mary Rose Noberini, New York USA

    Mary Rose, Noberini New York USA
  • In the year 2003 Nasir Hussain organized for us, a married couple (age 57), a famous trekking about 25 days from Karimabad-Hisper La-Great Karakuram Traverse to the Base Camp of K2 and back to skardu. He organized also the transports, the hotels in Karimabad, Skardu, Gilgit and Islamabad and finally a flight to Tashkent in Usbekistan. Everything was very good organized. Nasir was a very friendly, clever and competent guide for our time in pakistan. Thank you very much! Ruth and Willy Zweifel, Switzerland

    Ruth and Willy Zweifel, Switzerland