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EXPLORE – Hunza & Chitral Tour 7 Days, 6 Nights

Hunza valley is most beautiful valley alongside “Rakaposhi” Peak roads curves into one of the most beautiful road in the world the Karakuram Highway. Hunza is most amazing in spring season, when natural life starts to blossom and flowers can be seen everywhere. Pakistan north is land of wonders, mysteries and hidden beauties. Chitral Kalash is beautiful ancient city which is different then Hunza Valley or Skardu because it is not much Green. Moreover, Chitral Valley has cultural significance yet it is not still as famous as it would be. Chitral Kalash Tour features Kalash Festival which normally starts in the month of May.

EXPLORE – Karakuram Highway – Hunza Panorama – Baltistan (Little Tibet)

The combination tour of Little Tibet (Baltistan Skardu) and Hunza will meet the expectations of visitors who want to know about the landscape of the area, and forget about the stressful life in bigger and busier cities. You will find yourselves very close to the nature here in these mountainous regions.  The northern areas which is now Gilgit Baltistan - wedged between Afghanistan, China and India - is an area rich with history, natural beauty and cultural diversity, and yet has its own identity, defined by religion, commerce, and a rugged environment.

EXPLORE – Khyber Pass & Uch Sharif

During the Afghan Wars the pass was the scene of numerous skirmishes between Anglo-Indian soldiers and native Afghans. The Mughal Empire was an Islamic imperial power of the Indian subcontinent which began in the early 1500s, ruled most of the subcontinent by the late 17th and early 18th centuries, and ended in the mid-19th century. In the 8th century, Multan was conquered along with Sindh by the army of Muhammad bin Qasim, following bin Qasim's conquest, the city was securely under Muslim rule, although it was in effect an independent state.

EXPLORE – Pakistan Cultural Tour south and north

If one finds the imprints of the Mughal architecture on various mosques and gardens, there are buildings and structures that proclaim their British antecedents. Tour to Pakistan promises to offer you all the help to make your tour to Pakistan an exciting and memorable affair. John Hilton's Shangri-la. Hunza is the land of longevity, serenity, towering mountains, lush green terraced valleys, the mighty Indus River, and most importantly, the friendly Hunzakuts. This tour brings us to the Khyber Pass near Peshawar and follows the Swat Valley, the incredible Karakorum Highway into Hunza, Gilgit and Skardu

EXPLORE – Pakistan Ancient Civilisation

Pakistan is known as a cradle of civilization. The Indus Civilization developed around 3,000 BC and the dates of the earlier Kot Diji cultures, of the pre-Indus period, approximately 3300-2800 BC and flourished for a period of about fifteen hundred years. The Aryans, who arrived from Central Asia around 1,700 BC, displacing the Indus Civilization and bringing Hinduism to the region. 1200 years later, the Aryans yielded in turn to the armies of Cyrus the Great, and the Indus region became a part of his Achaemenid Persian Empire.